Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I need to contact our management company for a resale certificate, how do I get ahold of them?
Please email 

What is eUnify?

eUnify is an application that help you communicate with the Board of Directors and the HOA Management Company. Just login to your personal profile page and you can access your account, submit requests, view community announcements and cast your vote on important community issues.

How Do I access my personal profile page?

Simple...Just send your email address to  requesting access, soon after you will recieve a verification email. Once you receive the verification email, follow the link to reset your password. Then click on  and login. NOTE: your username will use the email address that you provided to us.

What if I don't know my password, need the password reset or simply have questions on how to use the app?

Please email

Question: How can I get more involved in the community and neighborhood events?

Answer: Let us help, just hit the “Contact Us” link and we’ll help you get involved. We always encourage neighbors to get involved and whether it’s serving on a committee or volunteering to help at a community event, we welcome your participation.

Question: How do I get access to the clubhouse and/or pool?

Answer: Eldorado Estates Phase III does not have a club house or a pool; other phases of Eldorado Estates do have those amenities however EEIII does not at this time.

Question: Can we use the pools or clubhouses in other Eldorado Estates communities?

Answer: No, each phase of Eldorado Estates is affiliated with a different HOA and the HOA fees are what cover the costs of those amenities.

Question: How do I know if I live Eldorado Estates Phase III and are member of this HOA?

Answer: Please see the map and “Eldorado Estates Phase III Streets” on the home page. If you do not live on a street listed or the area depicted on the map than you are not a member of Eldorado Estates Phase III.

Question: Does the HOA management company administer this website?

Answer: No, the website is administered by the Board of Directors who are elected by the community.

Question: If I have question or comments about this website or the current Board of Directors where and how do I submit them?

Answer: Please click on the “Contact Us” link on the home page to submit any comments or suggestions to the current Board of Directors.

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