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Eldorado Estates Phase III HOA will be having a Community Wide Garage Sale on Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 from 7:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Bulk Trash Schedule: Please remember that Bulk Trash only picks up in our neighborhood twice a month. Dates can vary, and there are some requirements for what will be picked up and how some items need to be bundled or prepared in order to be picked up

Do you have an issue with the sidewalk in front of your house? Is the streetlight near your home out or off cycle? Are you tired of hitting the same pothole every day? Here is the link to the Citizens Knowledge Base so that you can report issues directly to the Town of Little Elm

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Letter sent to homeowners on April 16th, 2019

​Our landscaping company has added Asian Jasmine beneath 12 trees in the common area along Sunland Park. With the maturing canopies, falling acorns, and slope of the area, we are seeing excessive erosion in those areas. The HOA Board of Directors has been working to find the most economical option for installation of this ground cover. Proposals have ranged from nearly $2K per tree for professional installation, borders, amended soil, plants, installation, and one-year warranty to the option we have chosen: approximately $350 per tree with professional installation, amended soil, no border (we have consulted other professionals and do not believe it is needed), and no warranty ($12 replacement for any plants that die).

We ask that you please keep your dogs close by when walking them and do not allow them to make use of those areas until the plants are more established. We also ask that walking underneath those trees be avoided for awhile. This will save us all the expense of additional costs to replace any plants that do not survive.

There have also been some questions about the areas where we have the decorative grasses. Those areas will not be visible once the grasses fill back in from their seasonal/Winter cut back, so no ground cover is needed.
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